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Acquamarina, African Voilet, Agate, Agave, Almond, Anthracite, Anthracite Mill Off Waxy, Antique Saddle, Astrale, Baby Blue, Black, Blue Jeans, Blue Jeans Waxy, Blue Metallic, Blue Metallic Dark, Bone, Bordeaux, Brandy, Brilliant Blue, Brilliant Green, Burnt Pink, Buttercup, Campari, Chesnut, Chours, Clemaris, Cobalto, Cognac, Copper Metallic, Crystal Blue, Cyclamen, Cypress Green, Dark Gold, Dark Gold Metallic, Denim, Edera, Flame Red, Forest Green, Fuji Flower, Fuschia Pink, Fusion Red, Fuxia, Geranio, Green Metallic, Ice White, Indian Pink, Inoue Blue, Iris Blue, Iris Grey, Ivory, Jungle Green, Kango Tabac, Lavender, Light Beige, Light Yellow, Lilac Metallic, Maise, Mela, Mod Blue, Moro, Navy, Nicotine, Ocean Blue Metallic, Ocra, Old Gold Metallic, Old Lilac Metallic, Oryx, Papaya, Pastel Yellow, Pearl Metallic, Petalo, Petal Pink, Porpora, Pure White, Purple Heart, Rosso Vivo, Scarlet Red, Serpentine, Sky Blue, Sky Blue Metallic, Sun, Tabaco, Tangerine, Tangerine Metallic, Taupe, Turchese, Turquoise, U Indian Pink, U Polline, U Seablue, U Violet, Vegas, Verde, Violet Metallic, Water Blue, White Gold Metallic, Winter White

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